When I paint using the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper method the image is clearly presented to me from the folds and swirls of prepared tissue…my ‘job’ is to capture the image with color.   Likewise, when I paint in oils, on location outside, or en plein air, the image is also presented, but visually at a distance… the work surface is flat and blank waiting for the image to be applied.  Even though the image is inherent in the tissue paper folds, it takes days…usually weeks, and often longer, to complete even a small ( 5″ x 7″ for example) watercolor on tissue painting….a larger painting like Scattered Cosmos, 3′ x 4′, in my previous post, took two months to complete.  Painting en plein air my only time constraints are usually weather and daylight.  I have trained myself to paint quickly outdoors with my palette knife, and with the cooperation of the weather, I can complete several small-ish paintings, (8 x 10, 11 x 14 ) in one day….Below is a watercolor on tissue painting, Goodbye, that measures 11 x 14 and took more than a month to evolve and complete….the 11 x 14 impressionist  landscape oil shown following it was one of three small oil landscapes completed in a morning.   I love all painting, but I always return to focus on these two styles….and both methods, the slowly revealed watercolor on tissue, and the spontaneous plein air impressionist landscapes, suit a need, time and a place….more of my art is at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com