I’m always ready to paint, but the reverse isn’t always true….painting isn’t always ready for me….whether it be the lighting, the landscape, the tissue paper, or the colors, sometimes ‘things’ just don’t cooperate the way I think they should, and I find myself in a battle of manipulation….being human, I’m a slow learner and it takes me time to come around to the point ( again ) where I realize that resistance is ridiculous.  Practicing the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper painting technique is much like meditation to me, and asks that I do the paintings the way they are presented to me…no personal inspiration required, just use the somewhat elusive ability to detach from what I want to do, and enhance what is shown to me in the tissue paper through application of color   :}   Summer Sunset is a watercolor on tissue painting that reminds me of those last moments lakeside before dark when the Fireflies start to come out.  More of my paintings can be seen at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com