The watercolor on tissue paper interpretation of mythological Daphne turning herself into a tree to escape Apollo, shown below, measures approximately 8.5′ x 5.5’…..she represents about half the area of a commissioned mural that was to find a home in a boutique hotel for many years, but is now languishing in a warehouse.  Working in this large size with watercolor and tissue paper was somewhat daunting… I could see the  loose definition of Daphne, the tree, etc., but due to the detailed nature of the process, I worked the mural in small-ish areas of maybe 6 inches square, leaving the completion of her body and face for last….each morning when I came into my studio and saw Daphne in progress, under the natural light of the skylight, I was overwhelmed at how well the image was emerging…I always felt so detached from creating it, but instead guided by a plan already in place….amazingly, the image on the mural continued to emerge fluidly, and every morning looking at Daphne, I felt like asking, ‘Who did this?!’   More of my work is at