The ancient Zen meditation ritual that inspired my watercolor on tissue paper paintings involved the monks crumpling a sheet of rice paper, then slightly smoothing it out.  They would then gaze at the curves  and folds left in the white paper until a vision, or image appeared…. I was intrigued by this, but I wanted to ‘capture’ the image on the paper, and I wanted it in color….. first, I began experimenting with different methods of identifying and defining the image after it had been discovered in the field of pure white folds and curves .   I use many layers of tissue paper laid on a rigid support, and equally as many layers of gesso, so the tissue paper will accept paint without disintegrating.  I am excited each time to be finished laying down the tissue paper and get on with the first light washes of color, because I know there is always a new painting waiting to be seen that has nothing to do with an agenda of mine…no plan, no pondering…just random placement  of partially crumpled tissue paper.  The painting below is titled Perennials….see more of my work at