As a child I went into lengthy consideration over questions posed to me like, ‘Which weighs more….a pound of feathers, or a pound of lead ?’  My visual image of a huge pile of light and fluffy feathers as opposed to a little grey lump of lead, did nothing to clarify things for me as a child.   The concept of a pound being a pound, whatever shape it was in, escaped me at the age of five or six.  Regarding my painting, I am often asked if it is not difficult to go back and forth between the very different styles I use….if it is not jarring to jump from the tranquility of the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue method, in which the image and inspiration are presented to me, to the very direct, alla prima impressionist oil landscapes .   The answer for me is feathers and lead….a pound is a pound, and for me, painting is painting  :}  I’ve included a photo of the watercolor on tissue painting Navajo Maiden, and also the back of the painting.   See more of my work at