I am a very prolific painter….I paint and move on to the next. Very rarely do I carry over an impressionist landscape from one day to the next….they are invariably finished the same day I begin them.   Painting impressionist landscape oil paintings is totally different from the Zen meditation inspired watercolor on tissue paper paintings I do.  With the impressionist oils I look at the scene and apply the paint directly, or alla prima, and keep moving through the painting… no touch ups, blending, shadowing, etc., it’s all done in the initial application.  The only exception to sketching or planning might be that I sometimes lightly mark the horizon line with paint using my palette knife. First, I decide on the scene(s) to paint for the day, how many paintings I might be able to do, and the sizes.   When I actually begin painting it is always with the sky working down on the painting until it is complete…..only then will I step back and assess it from a distance, or look at it in a mirror over my shoulder to get a reverse image which shows glaring ‘errors’ in perspective, etc.  With that, I am finished and on to the next….again, starting at the sky and working downward  :}    See some of my art for sale at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com