I enjoy all painting that I do, and it all has some sort of ‘transportational’ effect on me….the impressionist landscapes take me places in my imagination, the Zen watercolor on tissue paintings take me into elusive uncharted, dream like areas, and the traditional watercolor paintings like the one shown below titled ‘Visiting’, take me into an idyllic world made perfect by time softened memories of soft green grass, blooming flowers, chirping birds,  and blue skies.  It has been suggested to me by serious, and successful artists that paintings like ‘Visiting’ might be trite, or banal.  I am shallow enough to find self indulgent introspection annoying, and I find paintings like ‘Visiting’  happy-izing….. I simply enjoy painting them, and I enjoy where they take me   :}  Please see more of my work for sale at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com