Painting like most things sometimes comes easier than other times…sometimes it seems to have more purpose …sometimes I think it flows, other times I think it chugs and spits along..I know this is my perception of a process that does not change unless I change it….that it’s me flowing, or chugging and spitting along being my own biggest obstacle.   This is when I like to revisit a painting that I enjoyed doing in the past, and do a new version … go through the paces….put one foot in front of the other on familiar territory, but in a new way….sometimes actually visiting the location, sometimes in my studio using a photograph of the original painting as a reference.  Shown below are three impressionist versions  of Wild Lavender, the original done en plein air in Provence, France.  The first is oil, done with a palette knife, creating thick impasto.  The second two are acrylic, done with a brush.  See more of my work for sale at