I’ve been cautioned not to gild the lily more than a few times….by more than a few people.  I’ve failed to understand why not.   Right, or wrong, I’ve pretty much been a fan of doing it all, and sometimes all at once.   I know there is wisdom is saving for a rainy day, beauty in simplicity, and success in balance, but on occasion there is no choice but to wear the diamonds, sapphires, and the feather boa…or to fill all the vases with roses and peonies….or to wear a favorite purple hat with huge flowers pinned on.   When images like the one shown below emerge through the Zen watercolor on tissue painting technique, it only serves to remind me, that sometimes it’s a good thing to eat eclairs and wear two kinds of perfume   :}    See more of my work for sale at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com