In Celebration, Florida where I live there is a ‘Farmer’s Market’ every Sunday morning.   Represented are growers of orchids and heirloom vegetables, vendors of trinkets & treasures for you or your pet, boutique bakeries, soap makers & spice sellers.  There is also, almost always a painter, or two, showing their work  for sale under the requisite white canopy.    This weekend my friend Anthony & I will be setting up our own canopy at the Celebration Farmer’s Market to display/sell my art, & get some ‘exposure’.    For me, exposure is good, but it can also be difficult.  It’s great to meet people, make contacts, and of course sell my work, but there are those moments you overhear someone say, “Can you imagine, they’re charging $50 for that !?  My Aunt Helen could paint that with her eyes closed.”  Or the potential buyer who ponders, and bargains,  for literally hours over a painting…then suggests taking it home to see if they like the painting in their living room  (offering a small deposit to hold it) and then if they like it, paying 1/2 of the marked price.  ugh.  Experiences like this have been a large part of the beauty of selling online, but I’m ready to do this again ‘for the first time’….I’m looking at it like a learning experience, and something fun to do…whatever happens will be a surprise  :}   Below are some of the paintings I’ll be taking.     See more of my work for sale at