I’ve seen many photos of artists at work in their studio.  The de rigueur easel with the in progress painting displayed…the colors on the palette ready to be used…everything admirably  neat and ordered….. binned, stacked, & shelved.   Then there’s the proverbial other side of the coin….I very rarely use an easel anymore, so you won’t often see one of those in my studio, and sorry to say, the chance of seeing ‘neat and ordered,’ or ‘binned, stacked, & shelved’, is equally as rare  :}   What you will see is the barely controlled chaos shown below, usually with one, or both of my cats napping nearby, and the windows open to let the breeze and day sounds in.   The clutter gives me a feeling of insulation and inside this I can remove myself enough from the ‘here and now’ to paint.  I’m also still getting things in order for the Farmer’s Market here in Celebration on Sunday….Anthony and I are really taking a leap of faith, but I’m sure we’ll learn alot and have big fun  :}   Shown after my messy studio photographs, are some more photos of paintings I’ll be taking on Sunday….See more of my art for sale at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com