A day totally without painting is pretty rare for me, and usually makes me a little cranky, but today will be devoted to the nuts and bolts of preparation for tomorrow’s Farmer’s Market.  Preparing for this first one is more involving ( I think ) just because it is the first…successive ones should be easier, or at least more familiar.  Today will be selecting the paintings and prints to go, making sure they’re signed & priced, and packaging them..making sure I have the hooks to hang them, the receipt book, business cards, the credit card reader, etc., ready to go.  In the back of my mind, I’m thinking when I finish all of this, I might have time & energy to paint a miniature or two   :}    While looking through paintings to take tomorrow, I found this painting I did in the ( gasp ) 1970’s.  It’s highly unusual for me to have anything  of  mine that old that did not get sold, stolen, tossed out, or trashed in an earthquake, flood or other disaster, so I was very surprised….see more of my work for sale at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com .