whew…Anthony and I have completed our first Sunday at the Celebration, Florida, Farmer’s Market…..it was so, so many  things, and 99.9% of them were fun  :}  Definitely, it was a huge learning experience.   We met and spoke with so many interesting people…made some sales, and we’re returning this coming weekend.    We’ll revamp our displays… bins and racks seem very inviting to people.  I also noticed how many dogs there were there…lots and lots of dogs.  There’s so much walking on hot pavement & being in the sun, I’m going to buy a big water dish, a couple gallons of bottled water, and a bag of treats from Woofgang Pup’s, (the Celebration dog & cat bakery/store), to take with us  :}   Sorry to say, Anthony & I were almost within reaching distance of the European bakery & fresh local fruit stands,  so we munched ( and over munched) our way through the day.   I didn’t chronicle our maiden visit with photos  :{   there was just so much going on…but I will take some pictures this coming weekend.  Below are a couple of impressionist landscape oil paintings that went to the Farmer’s Market.   See more of my work for sale online at http://www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com