Yesterday I was able to paint until the light was gone, happily ensconced in my studio with Silky & Salvatore.   Florida breezes mixed with the fragrance of paint thinner and patchouli incense, and I lost myself in an impressionist Provence, France vineyard landscape painting, and then painting a seaside sand dune on the Monterey Bay.   With the exception of a couple of minor interruptions, today may be the same, except I have Hollyhocks on my mind today .   I have been exceedingly fortunate to support myself solely through my painting for so many years….I often feel I am teetering on, or over,  the edge of financial ruin, but my reality is that there has always been ‘enough’ …and whether it be impressionist oil paintings, or the Zen meditation ritual inspired watercolor on tissue paintings, I am grateful, amazed, and happyized that I am able to continue….   :}   Below is one of my watercolor on tissue paintings done with only two colors…sap green and burnt sienna.   See more of my work for sale at