Granted, I do have small dreams, equally small requirements for ‘gold’, and I am easily amused. So for me ‘spinning straw into gold’, and turning most of my dreams into reality has been blessedly possible.  I have the memory span of a Mayfly, so thankfully I do not dwell on the dark or negative very often.  Instead, I jump headlong to the next, and the next, sparkly project or painting.  It has not always been this way, nor is it always easy….it is a discipline, and a determination to collect half full glasses.   :}   Below are two watercolor on tissue paintings I did in the method inspired by an ancient Zen meditation ritual I read about years ago.      The process is slow and involving, yet detached at the same time because the subject matter is not up to my choosing, but determined by the random folds and swirls of the prepared tissue paper .  See more of my work at