This week has been pretty much given to some kind of  organizing, fetching, purchasing or ordering something to do with my painting, and/or the Farmer’s Market.   Having allowed myself to become such a creature of habit, I have difficulty devoting less time than I’m used to, or want to, to my indulgences and routine of choice.   A very rare occurrence for me this week is that I have not been able to paint one bit.   I have ‘daylight’ lamps, and could do some kind of work at night, but, spoiled thing that Iam,  I’ve become very used to working with natural light. This could change very quickly, and I could get learn to love painting under daylight lamps if things stay this hectic  :}  Below are two photographs of my Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paintings that are being made into 16 x 20 prints.  I’ve been seduced by the ‘paint it once, print it forever’ philosophy  :}  See more of my work for sale at