Usually, I just go about my life without a rigid schedule or time frame, other than that of my own making.  I get up when my eyes open, attend to the cats, go for a walk, begin my day of painting or preparation for painting, read a book, pick a flower, eat when I remember, finish when it’s dark….of course, there are daily, seasonal, and monthly time markers, etc., but they don’t have too much relevance for me as I usually don’t have any obligation to be anywhere, or do anything, at a specific time or date.   A very small thing like attending the Celebration, Florida, Farmer’s Market every Sunday has changed my free range meandering approach into circular weeks that zoom by….Sunday to Sunday, like race cars on a track !  I enjoy attending the Farmer’s Market, but it is an introduction of time markers that seem to make the weeks fly by so quickly now that they have defined boundaries.  :}   Here are a couple of impressionist landscape paintings going to the Farmer’s Market with me and Anthony….you can see more of my work, impressionist plein air and studio oil landscapes, and the Zen meditation inspired watercolor on tissue paintings at