I’m all set to begin work for the day…ideas in place, palette, paints, and canvases ready !   Many people look at me askance when I refer to what I do as ‘work’, and I can’t really disagree with them.   Painting is what I do for my financial support, so in that respect it is my work.   However, I thoroughly enjoy painting each and every day, so it doesn’t seem, or feel like the ‘work’ we hear about.  It certainly doesn’t have a laborious aspect for me, and does not feel like a chore, or a job.  There is no boredom, dread, or office politics….I am very fortunate !   My only fear is ‘job security’, and that the bubble may break, but so far so good, so I happily continue to keep my nose to the velvet grindstone, and keep painting !!  :}   Below are some of my newer impressionist oil landscape paintings….see more of my work for sale on Etsy