Today the very tentative plan is to finish a commission piece I’ve been working on.   I’m not thrilled with the lack of cooperation I’m getting from my environment, however.   Inside, the cats are uncharacteristically antsy, sniping, and snapping, at each other, unable and unwilling to settle down.   I spilled bright red strawberry Kool-Aid on champagne colored carpeting…ugh.   A truly gigantic Palmetto bug ran across the tile floor sending the cats, and me, into a frenzy to hunt it down and put it outside.   Actually, the cats had a very different agenda, so I shut them in a bedroom while I safari after the elusive Palmetto, finally trapping it, making a deal with it never to return, then releasing it in the flower bed.  Outside the ‘mow & blow’ people are doing their job on both sides of the street simultaneously, testing sprinklers, dragging rakes, while any hope of natural light has disappeared behind murky gray clouds.   So, I know the choice is mine at this point….. I can decide to float easily through this string of minor, transient irritations, or I can leave myself dangling over the flames of ridiculous anger about things not really directed at me to begin with.   Flawed human that I am, I have to remind myself it is better to keep floating and start painting  :}    Shown is a Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper painting that has always given me a very focused, peaceful feeling…..see more of my work for sale on Etsy at