I almost never throw away work that I’ve done.   Likewise, I almost never rework a painting once it is initially complete.   My husband used to retrieve my discards from the trash…. for my ‘estate sale’ he would say.   Then, he would go on to later sell my discarded paintings.   The paintings that I had decided were not good enough, pleasing enough, or the wrong color, etc.,  just had to pass before the ‘right’ eyes.   Now, years later, I still find myself trying to pass judgement on a questionable painting I’ve done by putting it aside ‘for later’, and not putting it up for sale.  Invariably, without fail, someone will find the painting that I put aside, but not see the flaws I saw, and the painting sells !   I’m nothing if not a slow learner, because I am still learning that there are endless ways of seeing a single thing, not just my way.  If I put a painting up for sale, eventually someone will see it, like it, and buy it, whether I like the painting or not.   It’s just a matter of getting it in front of the ‘right’ eyes  :}     Below are some 2.5″x3.5” miniature impressionist plein air  landscape paintings done with my trusty palette knife….very different from the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper paintings shown in some of my other posts.   See more of my work on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com