I thoroughly enjoy what I do.  Painting never gets boring for me, whether it is impressionist landscapes, or the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper paintings.  That is not to say I am enamored with, or attached to, the pieces I have painted.   Much like ‘catch and release’ fishing, I catch a scene and move on, content to release the new painting to be sold.  I think this might be why I have no difficulty with standardized pricing by size of my work, or why it is relatively easy for me to ‘crank out’ paintings as long as there is daylight.   I’m happily shallow and have no visceral connection to my paintings.  I have the luxury of painting things that please me.   If I really like it alot, I’ll paint it more than once   :}    I have no deep or profound inspiration….zero….I look, I like, I paint, and I’m fine with this.   I feel fortunate not to ponder or labor over details, angles, formulas, etc., instead I go  forward with what I want to see, rather than what I know should be there.   It’s a wonderful indulgence to paint this way, and may be part of the reason I’ve looked forward to painting on a daily basis, for so many years.   Below are some impressionist oils…see more of my work on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com