My perception of what my paintings are worth is so often not in sync with what other people~customers and artists~ think it is ‘worth’.   My tendency is to under price and under value in comparison to comparable art, though I’m sure there are people who think my work is over priced .

My hope is to avoid distasteful haggling, spend less time determining pricing, make more sales by making my work more affordable, and make a living.   I’m not especially good at the ‘smoke and mirrors’ end of selling art.   No mystery or nuance factors into the pricing, very basically just time and materials.

However, I’m hearing from those few artists who sit on a lofty perch, in turn deriding me, then pleading with me not to undervalue my work ‘just to make some money’.   Hmmmm,  if I could figure out how to stuff a painting in an ATM machine and have it spit out cash, I would, but so far, no luck with that.  No bag of gold bricks in the garage, no winning lottery ticket.   I understand they fear my lower perceived value will devalue their work. I don’t think it will, but I apologize.  I also intend to continue to sell my paintings in pretty much whatever manner works for me, and encourage them to do the same   :}

Whew…enough whining…I’ll be happily petting cats and painting all day…here are two of my favorite Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paintings…see more of my work for sale on Etsy at