In the short weeks I’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market in Celebration, FL, I’ve met and spoken with easily dozens of artists of different disciplines.   Some professionals, some hobbyists.   What surprises me is the rigid adherence to their method and medium.   Over, and over again, I hear things like…’Someday, I ‘m gonna try painting’…  or  ‘When I retire, I’m gonna try that’… or ‘Hmmm, I’ve thought about trying that’.   Yikes !!   I am impatient with this attitude of walls and obstacles.  We’re talking about painting, not moving to Belize to hunt rare orchids !   There is a Tupac song, ‘God Bless The Dead’, with a fragment of a line in it, “I was addicted to tryin’ “.   Speaking only for myself, I guard against the addiction of  ‘trying’, and  against being seduced by ‘gonna’.   When I hear the words ‘try’ or ‘gonna’, warning bells, whistles, and fireworks go off for me.   More often than not, I take it as a signal to spring into action.    I recognize limitations and fears in life, but I don’t see them when using a new method of painting, or when packing to go hunt rare orchids in Belize for that matter  :}   Below is a new California impressionist seascape/landscape painting…see more of my work for sale on Etsy at