No surprise to those who know me, I live in a community originally planned by Walt Disney.  Things are clean,  people are nice.  Strangers say ‘Good Morning’…everyone picks up after their dog, yards are manicured, and houses are pretty.   Every holiday that can be celebrated, is celebrated here.   Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the evening snowfall on Market Street in Celebration, Florida.   The downtown street is closed to traffic until after the first of next year….’snow’ falls three or four times a night, there are lights and ribbons on everything, horses and carriages, carolers, an outdoor skating rink, a beautiful decorated tree at the edge of the town’s lake, and of course Santa in his home to visit.  Until the festivities begin most people are in their homes, or away at relatives enjoying Thanksgiving.  This is when I most enjoy walking around town and seeing the decorations, when it’s almost like a ghost town.   I’ve just returned and will settle in for a peaceful, solitary day of painting now, exhilarated from the cool for Florida morning air…happy from seeing the decorations, the still lake with fishing herons, and overfed alligators.  Not the traditional way to spend a traditional holiday, but thankful nonetheless  :}    Below is one of my Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paintings….see more of my work for sale on Etsy at