Years ago, before art was attached to money for me, I would alternate many hours between reading and drawing.   I might draw something I had in mind, I might copy something.   More often than not I would draw the first thing my eye landed on~like it, or not, and then draw my way around the room, scene by scene.  When I had pretty much exhausted the subject matter in the room, I would often resort to drawing my feet, or free hand.  I haven’t strayed too far from this modus operandi when I paint plein air landscapes now as an adult.   I prepare my paints, etc., and move my easel in a panoramic manner, to the left or right, throughout the day, with each painting, changing the scene until I’ve pretty much gone full circle if possible.   Today I’ll be in my studio painting, and thankfully, I have no plans to do a painting of my feet.   I am going to swerve a bit from impressionist landscapes and the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paintings to do some fruit and vegetable paintings, which in my limited scope, are sort of my ‘adult’ equivalent of drawing my feet   :}  Below are some fruits & vegetables I’ve painted…..see more of my work for sale on Etsy at