Way back when, I stopped painting for a good length of time, probably two or three years.   I don’t even remember why I stopped now, but I do remember when I began painting again.   I walked by a box of scrap wood…kindling…that my daughter’s godfather had for his fireplaces.   It was bits and pieces of woods from remodeling he had done on the house.   It caught my eye and appealed to me.   The pieces were all square or rectangular, and some of them had one rough side.  I took a few home with me, and began to paint on them.  It had been so long since I had painted, I didn’t have any ‘real’ paints so I borrowed my toddler’s watercolor set and used those along with a fine point Uni-Ball pen.   Soon, I had all but emptied Richard’s kindling box and went back to painting on more traditional surfaces, and haven’t stopped again.   This experience with the kindling is one of many that allows me my relaxed attitude about ‘archival’, ‘acid free’, and ‘museum quality’.   I’m o.k. with my work not staying colorfast for 100 years, if that gives me the freedom to paint pretty much on anything I want to…..raw wood, stone, gessoed tissue paper, or traditional surfaces.   Below are some of the kindling wood paintings from way back when  :}   See more of my work for sale on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com