Selling at the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday, I was asked why I put colors like lavender in the sky, or a line of vermillion down the side of a tree trunk, when they are obviously so far from ‘reality’ ?

I answered something about light refraction, contrast, and complimentary colors, all of which could be true.   Maybe that is why I put lavender in the sky and vermillion down the tree trunk.  Don’t know…not sure.

Embarrassing though it may be, I don’t paint with much conscious thought to what I’m doing throughout the process.   I know what I want to paint, and what I want to see.   I keep aiming in that direction until I get there, or somewhere else that I like visually.   I’m not attached to one way, one version, one image,  or one method of achieving the end result I want.

On a more conscious level, I think it’s just an extension of me working to keep my life and perspective ‘Disney’…..that is to say, happy.   That’s why I live in Celebration, eat cookies in bed, don’t watch the news, and put lavender in the sky, just because it’s happyizing.   :}

Below are some of my watercolor on tissue paintings, inspired by an ancient Zen meditation ritual that fascinated me, where the monks crumpled a sheet of rice paper, flattened it, then meditated on the folds and creases in the paper until a vision appeared to them.

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