When I go to the Farmer’s Market here in Celebration, Florida, on Sunday I  meet, and speak with, many people about my art.   I enjoy talking with people, and often learn new and interesting things.

The Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper paintings I do seem to fascinate people in a different way than the more traditional impressionist landscape paintings I have for sale.

People often take photographs of the watercolor on tissue paper paintings, and want to find out exactly how they’re done.   They ask how I began doing the tissue technique…..how it was inspired by an ancient Zen meditation ritual…..what actual materials I use…..how I ‘see’ the image……what the step by step process is….what ‘gesso’ is…..what non staining colors are…..how long it takes…what kind of tissue to use….what to put the tissue on, etc.

I see many people’s eyes glaze over when I explain there is no advance plan for the image, that the image is determined by the random application of the tissue paper….that I ‘see’ the image sort of the same way you might see shapes in clouds   :}

What amazes me is that after going through my explanation of process, and answering their questions, that probably about 80% of the people who have asked these questions will say,  ” Oh, I’ve done that ! ”

Most people I speak with then describe tissue paintings they have done, or seen done, with imposed images or abstract designs, rather than images inherent to the way the paper is randomly applied.    It’s not better , or worse….it’s just a different process.   Sort of like apples and oranges, but maybe more like apples and Buicks   :}

Below are some more of my watercolor on tissue paper paintings….see more of my work for sale on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com