Talking with another artist who lives here in Celebration, Fl,  who wants to start selling her work….she was seriously lamenting, in advance, about it being difficult to think of parting with her work….about how attached she is to her paintings.

Our conversation made me think of the otherwise calm afternoon, when a massive earthquake struck the area of central California where we lived.   In less than a minute our two story, Redwood forest home was lifted and moved a foot and a half off the foundation.  The brick fireplace and chimney crumbled…the refrigerator fell….walls pulled away from the frame.   The noise was deafening.   Everything inside the house that was not destroyed by this abrupt, massive movement, was ruined by force of rushing water that soon came down from two 60,000 gallon water tanks on the hill behind our home.

Thankfully, we were spared any physical injury.   In losing everything I gained the epiphany of understanding the importance of ‘stuff and attachment’ in my life.   The definition of ‘need and want’ became clear, and unavoidable.   Time and people became the premium… I no longer ‘needed’ a closet full of anything,  particular labels or cars.   I found, for me, the trappings…the stuff …just were not that important.   Most everything could be replaced if I had been interested.    True treasures and heirlooms that were irreplaceable are safely vaulted in my memories.   Admittedly, it was easy for me because I started with literally nothing after the earthquake.

However, stuff is seductive, and I find myself somewhat tethered again, but to nothing I cannot do without/give away/throw away/sell/lose/replace.  The thing is, I never give it a second thought when I sell a painting other than ‘yippee’.    :}       Shown are some more of my Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paintings……see more of my work for sale on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com