Dear friends visited last week, and I will have visitors for a long weekend again.    This means extra time happily devoted to talking on the front porch, seeing sights, going for a drive, trying a new restaurant, strolling through Celebration, around the lakes, through the jungles, or at Disney.

I love having visitors, but it can mean much less, or no, time to paint.   Since I do paint for my income, I need to keep my ‘inventory’ stocked and can’t let it get depleted.   It is times like this I resort to painting like Ford made cars.   Yep, almost an assembly line for expediency.

For the impressionist landscapes  I  will have the ideas of what I want to paint, and I paint the different skies on four or five canvases, then proceed to paint the far range, in turn, on all of the paintings, then the mid range, then foreground, then detail….then all four or five paintings are finished at the same time.

I use a modified version of this method when I need to, with the Zen watercolor on tissue paper paintings, but only for the first two or three steps of the process.

These methods are difficult for some people to accept.   For some people, it even diminishes the painting.   Granted, maybe it is not very ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’, but it allows me to get the paintings finished in a timely manner without laboring over them.

I realize painting like this takes away some of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ ….some of  the illusion, of art and painting….at least it is illusion for me   :}    I think there are artists and painters, and I have always thought of myself as a painter.   Shown are some of my impressionist landscape paintings….see more of my work for sale on Etsy at