Today I’ll be painting in my studio, putting the finishing touches on some landscapes and vegetable studies, until I go to the nearby Gaylord Hotel to see the annual holiday ice sculpture display with my daughter.  After a late lunch, or early dinner, we might watch the snow in downtown Celebration, and drive around Celebration a bit looking at the lights and decorations.  Maybe we’ll make a pass by Kilwin’s while in downtown Celebration for ice cream or chocolate and take a walk around the lake….then back home to work online for awhile and paint some more.

Some artists, and non artists also, question the seeming ease I turn on, or off, my painting, without necessity for setting, mood or inspiration, other than my enjoyment of painting, and the fact that it is what I do for my livelihood.

Granted, I may not always want to paint, ( though that’s rare)  but pretty much I always can paint.   Sit down, pick up a palette knife or brush, and for the most part, I’m good to go !

The ‘props’ can be nice.  I do enjoy having music sometimes, flowers in the studio, incense burning, open windows letting the breeze waft in, the cats dozing on the windowsill, but these are additional bonuses, not an integral part of my painting process.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to do this.  I have a friend, an artist, whose process is fraught with stumbling blocks before they can even begin painting.   They look askance at me when after maybe a dental appointment, getting the oil changed on my car, and grocery shopping, I come home and begin painting within 15 or 20 minutes of my arrival.   No hoopla…no fanfare.  I ‘flip the switch’ and paint.   :}

Here are some impressionist landscape paintings I’ve done….see more of my work for sale on Etsy at