There are so many things I should/could be doing…phone calls I should be making, people I should be meeting, exercise I should be doing, vacuuming I should be doing, etc., but I’m not.

I want to paint again today.  It’s self indulgent for me to ignore what needs to be done, to continue today where I left off yesterday.  True, the vacuuming can wait, but some issues are pressing.   It would be far preferable for me to be responsible, and attend to what needs to be done, rather than finish the impressionist painting of the California vineyard.

My track record tells me I will finish the landscape painting of the vineyard today, and probably do another one or two landscapes before the day is finished.   I have a painting of a garden cottage, and then a Florida beach in mind….we’ll see    : }

Like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ve pretty much mastered being able to put things off ….to not think about them until a more convenient time.   To me, this is a great luxury, though not always possible.     I see, however, that it is much more possible than I had thought in years past……almost everything can be put off or wait.    So, off I ‘go’ to the Sonoma vineyard, the New England cottage garden, and the white sand Florida beach…..tomorrow, the other stuff !

Shown is an example of my watercolor on tissue paper painting, inspired by an ancient Zen meditation ritual. See more of my work on Etsy at

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