Anthony and I have been going to the Celebration, Fl, Farmer’s market on Sunday morning for just shy of two months.   In that short time I’ve seen vendors come and go, and I’ve come to know the solid regulars.   Of the core group of regular artists, i.e., painters/photographers/pastelists, etc., I think I’m the only one who is a fulltime painter, without a different day job or other means of support.

There’s a myriad of things for sale… art, soaps, silks, wood products, miniatures, herbal remedies, imports, toys, plants, jewelry, clothes.   The booths where I consistently see people lined up are at the food vendors.   The large produce vendor has a steady stream of people buying fruits and vegetables from early morning until they are packing up in the late afternoon.   The same can be said for the lemonade and hot dog vendors, who almost always have a line of people at their booths .  None of these busiest sellers offer exotic items.  The produce seller has a very large variety of fruits and vegetables, but none of them are unusual.  The lemonade booth offers regular, or strawberry lemonade…that’s it.   The hot dog vendor sells hot dogs with, or without chips and a soda, nothing else.

Another painter who has been at the Farmer’s Market far longer than I, was lamenting their lack of sales for over three months.   In an attempt to generate interest and business, they purchased a huge potted plant to perk up the ambiance of their booth,  spotlights to help feature some of their paintings, and they cut the prices on some of their items.   Nothing happened.

It’s a matter of the right people seeing their work, of course…timing, etc.   Certainly they will sell paintings at some point, but far more produce, lemonade, and hot dogs will be sold than their paintings, or mine.    Necessity sells, and art is way, way down the list.

For me, selling my own art is fulltime lesson in patience, and faith.   Selling my art is knowing it will happen, even when it hasn’t happened in so long I barely remember it happening.   Selling my art is knowing I’ll sell paintings, just probably not when the mortgage is due or the car needs servicing.   :}

Below are two impressionist still life paintings.  The Persimmon measures 11 x 14 inches, the painting of the Sunflowers is a miniature measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

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