In 1993 the People’s Republic of China opened a theme park named Splendid China, near Orlando, FL featuring over 60 handcrafted replicas of China’s landmarks.   Splendid China closed, and was abandoned, in 2003 after just 10 years of business, due to protests, and money problems.

Recently, a friend and I went to look around a bit…from the outside of the fence, of course !   There is a $500.00 trespassing fine, and wild, overgrown, abandoned buildings are a haven for snakes, spiders, etc.

The remnants of some of the scaled down exhibits can be seen from the street and sidewalk.  There are spacers in the design of the wall so you can glimpse details of others behind it.   Some landmark replicas are built on bermed hills, so they are also visible.   It’s obvious, even from these distant glimpses, that the park has been heavily vandalized, but even a few contemporary ruins through the tall grasses were worth seeing….

Then back home to work….finishing an impressionist Provence landscape, and then set about getting prepared for the Farmer’s Market tomorrow in Celebration.

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