It’s a very unusual Seattle-esque morning for Celebration….dark, gray, drippy rain, people with umbrellas hurrying by.  I can almost pretend I’m back on Queen Anne Hill looking out my window over the canal at Fremont, watching the university rowing team go gliding by.  One of the many differences here in Florida is that by tomorrow it will be sunny and in the high 70’s….maybe even by this afternoon !

Did alot of painting yesterday, and have more to do today.   Happily, I always have more painting to do.   I have taken breaks from painting in the past, but have always known I would return, and don’t know what I would do if I didn’t paint.  Sometimes I fret about what might happen if I couldn’t paint.  I pull myself out of those projected thoughts as quickly as possible, and replant myself in the happier here and now where I can paint   :}

One of my favorite watercolor on tissue paintings titled wild Iris is shown below.  The process I use for all the watercolor on tissue paper paintings is inspired by the ancient Zen meditation ritual in which monks would crumple, then smooth, a piece of white rice paper, and gaze at it until a vision appeared.  In this process, the image is given to me, rather than me deciding on what to paint.   See more of my work for sale on Etsy at  where for a limited time I’m offering free shipping on all purchases, just enter the coupon code FREESHIP4YOU at checkout.