It’s a verrrrry dark, rainy, and thundery ( but nice and warm ) morning in Florida.   So, if the natural light cooperates, I will be starting a new group of impressionist oil paintings today.   My tentative mental image beginnings are for a beach dune/cove along the Monterey Bay in California, a garden wall/gate/path, the Sunflowers in the blue and white vase I have in my studio, and maybe a koi pond.   It seems it’s easier for me to make progress if I keep several paintings going, with one being completed regularly.

I’ve painted these scenes before, and will again after this I hope…. I enjoy it each time almost like it was a brand new experience.   I am easily amused with the memory span of a goldfish, and I like it that way   :}

Painting the same, or very similar, images is not possible with the Zen inspired watercolor on tissue paper paintings I do.   Those images are determined by the random folds and swirls of the tissue paper.    The image is not chosen or decided upon, and then applied to the tissue.   The image waits in the dimensional configurations of the tissue to be discovered through application of color.

Yesterday I finished Provence Courtyard Wisteria, 16 x 20, impressionist oil done with a palette knife,  shown below.     See more of my work for sale on Etsy at  where for a limited time~ENDS MARCH 22nd~I’m offering free shipping on all purchases, just enter the coupon code FREESHIP4YOU at checkout.   ENDS MARCH 22nd~use coupon code FREESHIP4YOU