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In 1993 the People’s Republic of China opened a theme park named Splendid China, near Orlando, FL featuring over 60 handcrafted replicas of China’s landmarks.   Splendid China closed, and was abandoned, in 2003 after just 10 years of business, due to protests, and money problems.

Recently, a friend and I went to look around a bit…from the outside of the fence, of course !   There is a $500.00 trespassing fine, and wild, overgrown, abandoned buildings are a haven for snakes, spiders, etc.

The remnants of some of the scaled down exhibits can be seen from the street and sidewalk.  There are spacers in the design of the wall so you can glimpse details of others behind it.   Some landmark replicas are built on bermed hills, so they are also visible.   It’s obvious, even from these distant glimpses, that the park has been heavily vandalized, but even a few contemporary ruins through the tall grasses were worth seeing….

Then back home to work….finishing an impressionist Provence landscape, and then set about getting prepared for the Farmer’s Market tomorrow in Celebration.

Here is a new  impressionist lanscape oil painting done with a palette knife.   See more of my work on Etsy at www.lynnefrenchdesigns.com053  where for a limited time I’m offering free shipping on all purchases, just enter the coupon code FREESHIP4YOU at checkout.


Almost daily I play with, and exercise, my two cats Silky Montecore, and Salvatore Joy.  I do this because they seem to enjoy it, and because I hope it helps them to stay active and to not be bored.   I have a fairly large condo, with a long ceramic tile entryway, a long tiled hallway, and fair size tile floor living room & kitchen for them to run, skid, and slide through.   Every morning Silky, & Salvatore stage their own version of the ‘Running of the Cats’ while I toss (low calorie) treats, one at a time, down the halls, and across the rooms, for them to retrieve and nibble.

No matter how many times he chases after a tiny treat…no matter if the treat bounces or slides…no matter where it comes to rest, Salvatore is wide-eyed, leaping, twirling, and pouncing after each treat like it was the first he had ever seen !   With Silky, I could be lobbing Beluga caviar down the hall, and he would lazily saunter like he was half irritated by having to move at all to go after it.   Silky plods with his head down…Salvatore is always looking for things that will fascinate him, and if nothing appears he fascinates himself by creating his own games, etc.

It is a discipline well worth working at for me to stay wide-eyed, leaping through, and pouncing on, what life has to offer…like Salvatore careening down the hall, making it the most fun he possibly can!

Painting helps me do this…enjoying painting helps me do this.  Today I’ll be working on an impressionist landscape oil painting of an old barn, done with my trusty palette knife…tomorrow I’ll be working on some new Zen inspired watercolor in tissue paper paintings.

Below is an example of an impressionist oil landscape done with a palette knife.   See more of my work on Etsy at  where for a limited time I’m offering free shipping on all purchases, just enter the coupon code FREESHIP4YOU at checkout.


Yesterday I was painting outside in 82 degree sunshine, near the banks of Shingle Creek at the Headwaters of the Everglades.   Today, I’m in my studio, in socks, sweats, and a hoodie, with gray, murky skies and mid 50 degree temps outside.   Not what a spoiled Florida transplant from Seattle enjoys !

I’ve decided that while I wait for the heat to warm the house, I’ll ( try to ) warm up my grumpy curmudgeon’s attitude by painting a sort of glowy Provence, France, inspired cottage with terra cotta pots of Lavender and bright red Geraniums by the doorstep….maybe some Wisteria or Bougainvillea hanging around.

I’ve painted similar scenes before, and since I’m easily amused, I’ll enjoy painting more   :}     Here is a previous impressionist oil painting done with a palette knife of the same subject.   See more of my work on Etsy at


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